About us

It started with a mission.

Over the years, our food chain has been in a state of flux due to pollution, overuse of pesticides and GMOs. The adulterated food that we are consuming today has been linked to damaging our health and well-being. This has led to the degradation of our immunity and an increase in diseases. In response to this, we at Herms Nature started with a purpose and determination to contribute towards the future of healthier India. We are organic food connoisseurs. 

We are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve our farmland. At Herms Nature our goal is to provide you and your family with healthier, 100% pure, organic and natural products. Here, you can discover the freshest herbs that boost your metabolism, support healthy digestion, safeguard your heart and provide the finest flavour.

We place health first in this pandemic. Our aim is to bring products made of natural and organic ingredients, which can fulfill all the essential nutrients everyone needs in daily life. All our products are highly centered on quality and also tested before being brought to market. Ensure every product pleases you during a healthy lifestyle.

Nature surrounds us, inspires us and is the source of our health and well being. At Herms Nature we foster a relationship with nature by offering high quality herbs that are organically grown and hand harvested and processed to ensure quality. This commitment to nature is what makes our offering unique. We work hard to provide consumers with the highest quality organically grown produce, free from antibiotic and pesticide residue, even organic certification standards.

What are we interested in?

You may have heard of us before or might be new to the idea of farming but we have been around for a long time. We believe in organic farming. 

Organic farming: It is a method used to produce food without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilisers or genetically modified organisms. It is an agricultural system that relies on techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, and mechanical cultivation for weed control at small scale. Organic food is produced without the use of fertilizers, pesticides or growth regulators in fields that have not been treated with a herbicide within three years. In addition, livestock have access to pasture year round.

As experts in natural organic farming, our main motive is to promote a healthy agricultural movement that encourages food sovereignty, provides sustainable livelihoods, and supports regenerative ways of life. We believe when we eat organic, agro-ecology based food which is environment friendly, then we can create a sustainable future for future generations.

Directly sourced from farm to your doorsteps

We believe that the manufacturer and consumer should have a direct relationship. We at Herms nature, practice the Direct Method. We don’t leave any room for third-party middlemen across the production supply chain. We want to know and deal directly with farmers and to respect the environment, animals, and people that are one step away in the value chain.

By using top quality ingredients and products, we continue to build a company that creates an interest for others to be more natural, pure and healthy when it comes to their lifestyle products.

Meet Our Farmers: Feeding the world, caring for the Earth.

Our farmers aren’t just farmer’s, they are the pillars of Herms Nature. Collective respect, quality, and interconnectedness are the foundations of our relations. Our commitment extends beyond the field, with fair- request hires, access to healthcare, commission and gender equivalency programmes, as well as infrastructural advancements, helping to ameliorate the lives of our farmers. When farmers flourish, their towns also prosper, leading to a collaborative betterment of the quality of life.

They’re the keepers of our soil, protectors of our planet and providers of food to our families. These farmers approach agriculture with a spirit of stewardship and care; they feed the world while they care for the earth.

Our organic farming, products, agriculture and infrastructure has been the foundation of our company. Organic farming allows us to provide you with high quality food while protecting land and water resources. These experienced farmers help in promoting soil health and provide bird habitat in our organic field by growing cover crops and leaving crop residue on the surface. When we harvest for food, we leave the field fallow for 6 months to 1 year to help rebuild the soil. These healthy soils are essential for our farms’ continued success in the future.

Local. Natural. Sustainable.

Herms Nature is a progressive and dynamic company in the agricultural sector with a passion to create high quality healthy food. Today, it is among the leading pleasure grocers in India. The success of Herms Nature and its allied activities is a result of its adherence to business norms and values. We have pursued our most important aim- to preserve our planet Earth for future generations by adopting sustainable practices for conducting our business. Together, we enjoy sustainable growth in profits because we have succeeded in protecting what nature provides us- fertile lands and unpolluted rivers and streams from fertilizing our lands, enhancing biodiversity, ensuring a safe water source for wildlife- thus preserving the countryside for other organisms.

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Herms nature provides the super quality organic foods to our customers which are chemical free and preservative free. Due to our natural way of processing all products are rich in essential nutrients and vitamins, we wish to bring back those times, when people consumed all natural and organic food, free from the present days of chemicals and pesticides food.

Let’s first understand the term of ADULTERATION, What is ADULTERATION?

“Food adulteration in India starts from the field itself where fertilizers and pesticides are overused.

But pesticide residues are not the only problem. Many products used in everyday cooking like Colouring agents in spices are also posing problems. Adding certain natural and chemical dyes to attract consumers.

Mixing of clay, pebbles, stones, sand, and marble chips, to the grains, pulses and other crops.

What are the side effects of ADULTERATION?

In a recent report, the Public Health Foundation of India attributed 80 percent of all premature deaths to contaminated food.

Food ProductsAdulterantHarmful Effects
GheeMashed potatoes, Vanaspati and starch powder.Gastro-intestinal disturbances and other stomach disorders.
GrainsDust, Pebbles, Stones, Straw, weed seeds, damaged grain, etc.Liver disorders, Toxicity in the body, etc.
PulsesDyes, chemical and Lead Chromate.Stomach disorders.
TeaArtificial colouring agents.Liver disorders.
SugarChalk powder, Washing soda, Urea, etc.Stomach disorders and kidney failure.
PepperDried papaya seeds and blackberries.Severe allergic reactions including stomach and skin irritations.
Mustard seedsArgemone seeds.Abdominal contractions, sluggishness and increased excretion.
Edible OilsMineral oil, Karanja oil, castor oil and artificial colours.Gallbladder cancer, allergies, paralysis, cardiac arrest, and increased LDL cholesterol.
Turmeric PowderPesticide residues, sawdust, chalk dust, industrial dyes, yellow dye arsenic, lead metal etc.Cancer and Stomach disorders.
Chilli and Coriander powderRedbrick powder, Rhodamine B dye, Red lead, dung powder, soluble salts, water-soluble synthetic colours and other common salts.Metal toxicity, Cancer, lead poisoning, tumour, variations in blood pressure and other stomach related disorders.
Cumin seedsColoured grass seeds, sawdust and charcoal dustStomach disorders.
HoneyMolasses, dextrose, sugar and corn syrupsStomach disorders


We always favour the things that are best for us. Whether it is what we wear or what we eat, everything matters when aiming for an impressive and healthy lifestyle. Everyone is going organic not because it is trending but because it has enormous benefits attached to it. From Organic foods to beauty, the products are selling like hot cakes. As consumers are moving away from chemical-based items, it is HERMS organic that is offering them a way to achieving a disease-free lifestyle.

High nutritional value is a factor that has attracted many people towards choosing HERMS organic foods over other variants.  Health always comes first and for a healthy body, you should really know what you are eating.

As the organic market grows, the number of brands will also increase. Many brands might just want to earn profits in the name of organic and might not offer the best to the consumers. It is for the consumers to be really aware and have basic knowledge, if not more, to be able to differentiate between the real and fake.


  1. NO Chemicals
  2. NO Pesticides
  3. NO GMO (Genetically modified organisms)
  4. NO hormones, antibiotics and drugs in COWS (we have A2 GIR cow in our farm. This is one of the best breed of cows for milk and ghee).
  5. NO adulteration
  6. Benefit from more nutrients ·