100% Virgin Cold Press Black Mustard Oil1 Ltr

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  • Fssai approved, Virgin, Pure and Natural Black mustard oil 1 litre rich in vitamins, minerals, omega acids and antioxidants thus great for body health
  • The oil extracted from organic mustard seeds through a natural cold-pressed method without the involvement of chemicals, preservatives and synthetics
  • Black mustard oil for cooking promotes heart health, strengthens bones & muscles and has ample of health benefits
  • organic mustard oil for skin and hair massages is equally beneficial as it nourishes the scalp and skin thus promotes the natural shine and smoothness to skin and hair
  • Black Mustard oil cold pressed is great for both internal and external use

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Product Description

Herms Nature presents Organic Black Mustard Oil cold pressed extracted is one hundred per cent pure, natural and virgin super healthy oil for cooking and moisturization.

The oil is free of all sort of chemicals, artificialities and preservatives like other organic oils. Thus, it comes with the natural aroma and flavor of mustard seeds.

Cooking Mustard Oil has many health benefits, it increases circulation, boosts metabolism and improves digestion. It is a dietary cooking oil rich in fibres, omega 3 & 6 acids, vitamins and minerals thus highly recommended by doctors in daily diet.

The oil can be useful for brain function too. Veggies and Curries cooked in this organic mustard oil is not only good for health but also smells delicious and tastes Epicurious.

Mustard oil for skin is known to lighten pigmentation, improves skin complexion meanwhile moisturizes the skin. Thus, the oil is great for body massages for both baby and adults, it makes skin super soft and healthy. Organic Mustard oil for hair massage nourishes the scalp, soothes dandruff and dry flakes like hair concerns.

This virgin mustard oil cold pressed is ideal to be used in combination with any oil like coconut oil or others for extra benefits. You can use it in DIY ‘Do It Yourself’ recipes for skin and hair care, even it is good for lip moisturization too.

Herms 100% Cold Press Black Mustard Oil brings to you the purest forms of oil.


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5 reviews for 100% Virgin Cold Press Black Mustard Oil1 Ltr

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    100% pure cold pressed hai

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    best for fish

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    pure and pure

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