A2 Desi Cow Ghee (1 Kg) + Honey 500g (combo)

A2 Desi Cow Ghee (1 Kg) + Honey 500g (combo)

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  • Get the power-packed strength and glowing skin together by purchasing 1 kg  A2 cow ghee and getting 500g of Herms Honey combo.
  • The combo offer contains pure handcrafted A2 cow ghee along with organically cultivated multi-flower honey.
  • Beat this winter chills with the warmness of Herms A2 ghee and Honey that will make you stay away from all the pills.
A2 Desi Cow Ghee


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Product Description

Herms A2 Desi Cow Ghee – Dive into the richness of Organic ghee prepared from A2 milk and the goodness of organic honey prepared from the nectar of flowers collected from the Sundarban forests.

‘The sweetness of herms honey and the aromatic essence of A2 ghee will keep you problem free’

Both products are prepared organically on the certified organic farms of herms.

The A2 ghee is prepared from the milk of a special species of Desi Cows which are freely fed with organic grass on the certified organic farms of Herms.

The herms organic honey on the other hand is prepared by organically cultivating honey bees using the variegated flowers of Sunderbans.

These organically prepared products not only taste good but are also filled with enormous health benefits as they are free from additives and preservatives.

Add the right amount of nutrients to your child’s growth years with herm’s A2 ghee that contains the supplements that will strengthen your child’s brain.

As it is said, the way to a happy life starts by conquering the stomach’s need. As a housewife, give the perfect aroma and flavor to your home-cooked food with Herms A2 ghee leaving everyone in glee.

Old age demands more strength and more power. Give the wings of power to the old members of your home by adding the right amount of Herms A2 ghee in their diet that will make their bones strong and their damp skin glow.

If you are a fitness freak then herms A2 ghee will provide you the supplements that will enhance your muscle power allowing you to get the strength you are working on.

Unlike the processed ghee that inclines your Bad cholesterol, Herms A2 ghee boosts up the good cholesterol in your body that makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.

Why choose this combo?

100 % pure Organic products

 Herms A2 ghee is not prepared from factory-farmed cows. It is prepared from the milk of organically nurtured desi cows. Hence, the milk is 100% pure and organic.

Hermes organic honey does not contain any added sugars, preservatives, rice syrups, colorants or chemicals. The honey is natural, raw and unprocessed and does not undergo pasteurization, it is just 100% pure organic honey.

Boost Immune System

With this combo offer, give your immune system the booster dose it requires this season.

Both, Herms A2 ghee and organic honey are filled with essential antioxidants and nutrients that enhance your immune system, making it strong to fight against everyday challenges.

Assured Quality

Herms is dedicated to providing the best quality to its consumers as they understand the importance of Organic products in today’s world of adulterated products.

The  USDA Organic, India Organic Jaivik Bharat and Ecocert have tested and certified both the products to be 100% organic, free from any sort of adulteration and chemicals.

Rich Flavor

The herms A2 ghee is prepared by the traditional bilona technique that keeps the flavors of the ghee intact giving your food a pleasant aroma and rich flavor.

The Herms Organic Honey added in this combo can be used in a variety of ways both as a food supplement and a natural beauty enhancer.

The natural sweetening flavor of honey can be paired up with breads, tea, coffee, bakery goods, desserts and drinks.

“Add rich  flavor to your food, boost your immune system and unwind your healthy skin with the combo of Herms  A2 Ghee and honey that contains organic nutrients within”

A2 Desi Cow Ghee Health benefits

 Get double the health benefits with this combo of A2 Ghee and Herms Honey.

A2 Desi Cow Ghee (1 Kg) + Honey 500G (Combo)A2 Desi Cow Ghee (1 Kg) + Honey 500G (Combo)

How is it prepared?

 The products at herms are prepared with traditional methods that keep the goodness of natural nutrients and supplements intact.

  • Herms Organic A2 Desi Ghee
  • Bilona Technique – Giving the essence of Rural India to Herms A2 Ghee

 Herms has rewinded the traditional way of making ghee by using the bilona technique that produces 100% pure ghee giving you the taste of rural India making you stick to your cultural roots.

This traditional method produces ghee that is free from any sort of chemicals and preservatives that affect your health.

  • Herms Organic Honey

Organic Honey

  • Cruelty-free Obtainment

At herms, the organic products are obtained without harming the animals.

The safety and health precautions are maintained with standards.

The Desi cows raised at the farms are not tied up instead they are left free to graze on the organic grass of the farm.

The beehives cultivated are not destroyed and the honey is collected without harming the bees.

Herms firmly believe that if you will nurture the animals with love, they will nurture you with the goodness and health benefits of their organic products.

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21 reviews for A2 Desi Cow Ghee (1 Kg) + Honey 500g (combo)

  1. kajal (store manager)

  2. payal (store manager)

    honey freeeee and ghee tho hai hi mast and pure

  3. sona (store manager)

    what I like about this ghee is that this is A2 COW ghee …. this is one of the best cow for milk the and curd

  4. rajeev (store manager)

    value for money

  5. susmita (store manager)

    smells amazing in both

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