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100% Chana Dal Besan (Gargara) 500 gm

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  • Herms Nature produced super-fine besan or gram flour purely made from unpolished chana dal which makes it super beneficial for the health, skin and hair
  • Gram flour powder is rich in fibre, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates that help to burn calories faster thus highly recommended by nutritionists in diet
  • FSSAI Approved Gram flour organic is free from all kinds of preservatives and chemicals. It is being packed maintaining its natural earthy aroma while considering hygiene and purity
  • Besan 1kg pack pantry is a staple ingredient in the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent as it adds a taste and flavour to your kitchen
  • Gram flour besan is a natural face scrub, commonly used for facial cleansing and purifying as it helps removes dirt & impurities from deep skin pores

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Availability: 66 in stock

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Product Description

Herms Natural Chana dal besan is a key ingredient that one should have in his pantry. Besan plays a significant role to build your immunity meanwhile helps to maintain your body weight. It is one of the important and healthiest meals of breakfast, highly recommended by nutritionists in the diet.

Gram flour 1 kg pantry is gluten-free made up of pure, unpolished chana dal i.e without any preservatives or chemicals. It is being packed with its natural earthy aroma of chana besan taking into account the quality and purity.

Besan is a good source of healthy nutrients, it helps in brain functioning, boost metabolism, and is one of the great alternatives of wheat flour especially for diabetic patient. Apart, you can add chana besan to your regular wheat flour that will add more proteins and a good taste to your ordinary chapatis.

It is a rich source of protein, fibres and minerals. Chana besan not only is healthy but also adds taste to your cookery. Everybody’s favourite sweets n snacks like curry, pakoras, vada, dhokla, besan laddoo, halwa and others can be made in no time using this super healthy chana besan. Besan is a must-have ingredient in routine to live a rich and energetic life. Health is wealth so give it a try for a healthier life.

Not everybody knows, Gram flour for face scrubbing is also used. It is a natural scrub with cleansing and exfoliating properties that deep cleanses the dirt & impurities from the skin pores.

It is considered the best skin care ingredient for DIY skincare recipes, picked from your own kitchen. Use gram flour for skin whitening in routine, it leaves your skin gorgeously clean and smooth.





7 reviews for 100% Chana Dal Besan (Gargara) 500 gm

  1. excellent besan

  2. best

  3. it gives smile to my family

  4. very very nice

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