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Moong Dal Chilka – 1 Kg

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  • 100% organic Moong Chilka
  • No added chemicals
  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Build immunity
  • Hygienically packed

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Moong Dal Chilka


Availability: 99 in stock

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Product Description

  • 100% organic Moong Dal Chilka: Organically grown Moong Chilka, a olive green colored split chickpeas, is certified organic by India Organic, USDA Organic, Onecert and Jaivik Bharat


  • No added chemicals: Unpolished Moong Chilka with no chemicals whatsoever, not even pesticides, fertilisers, artificial colourants or synthetic additives are used


  • Healthy and nutritious: Moong Chilka is a good source of carbs, proteins, antioxidants, dietary fibre and minerals including iron and phosphorus


  • Lower blood sugar levels: Considered a superfood due to its high in fibre and low on the glycemic index (the rate at which foods raise blood sugar levels). It contains vital nutrients that makes it a great choice for diabetics 


  • Build immunity: Protein, like Vitamin C, is an important component of a healthy immune system. Because Moong Chilka is high in protein, it supports the immune system and prepares it to fight illnesses


  • Hygienically packed: Premium quality Moong Chilka is packed in a hygienic manner, devoid of contaminants such as weevils and stones, it is subjected to rigorous laboratory tests in order to meet FSSAI food safety standards

We all know it’s good for us, but what about our taste buds? Now, look no further for a delicious nutty flavour and nutritious way to feel fuller with Herms Nature Moong Chilka. 100% natural, organic and unpolished dal does not undergo any artificial polishing thereby retains its natural goodness and wholesomeness.

Our Moong Chilka is a rich source of protein and dietary fibre (8 grams per half cup), which is naturally low on cholesterol and fat. It enhances the feeling of fullness in your stomach, which can lead to a reduction in fat and cravings for fatty foods. Great for those concerned about heart health and maintaining an optimal weight, this chana can be eaten soaked or baked in traditional Indian recipes to provide your body with a balanced diet. It also contains iron, thiamine (vitamin B1), phosphorus, vitamin B6, and zinc, so it may help with anaemia and other nutrient deficiencies. 

For anyone who wants to break out of carbs or have trouble maintaining healthy eating habits, Moong Chilka is a quick and easy way to incorporate more high quality food into their diet. A healthy and wholesome Moong Chilka contains protein and fibre which makes it popular among vegetarians.  A bowl of Moong Chilka can be a wholesome breakfast or a quick snack on the go.

Moong Chilka can be used as a main course or as a side dish and is often combined with other types of lentils for extra flavour. It tastes best when combined with any flavourings you like—garlic, ginger, cumin and many others are all great pairings for this spicy offering. Moreover, unite it with rice or chapati for taste, or grind it into a pancake batter. Popular in the Indian subcontinent, this easy to cook Herms Nature Moong Chilka can be prepared by soaking it briefly in water before cooking in a pressure cooker.

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3 reviews for Moong Dal Chilka – 1 Kg

  1. kaamni (store manager)

    bahut hi badiya dals hai .mein aapna sara grocery herms se hi buy kart ho

  2. paaki (store manager)

    it gives a nice flavour

  3. rahul (store manager)

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