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Buy Honey online of the best quality & price in India. Herms Nature is committed to supplying 100% Pure Multi-Flower Organic Bee Honey.

  • FARM FRESH: Organic honey raw unprocessed, collected from fresh and heavy nectar of multiflower in the pristine forests of Sundarbans by traditional honey collectors, who have collected honey for generations.
  • 100% PURE AND ORGANIC HONEY: Pure and unadulterated honey with no added sugar, rice syrups such as C3/C4, artificial flavours, colourants, pesticides, chemicals and is never pasteurized. Just pure, natural honey
  • BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM: The antioxidants in honey help in neutralising free radical damage in the body. Consuming 1 tbsp of honey everyday helps in boosting immunity, relieve coughs and cold, and improve the overall health
  • POWERFUL SKIN HEALER: The antibacterial properties of organic honey for face cleanses skin, unclog skin pores, heals acne breakouts, reduces skin inflammation, moistens and pamper skin for youthful glow
  • RICH IN FLAVOUR AND HEALTH: Multiflower Organic Honey is a delightfully rich, natural and antioxidant-rich superfood, known to help you stay fit and healthy. As a natural sweetener, it’s great to pair with bread, yogurt, tea, smoothies, desserts, your favourite food or drink.
  • QUALITY ASSURED: The pure honey is certified organic by USDA Organic, India Organic Jaivik Bharat and Ecocert. Also it is cruelty-free which means it is not tested on animals



Herms 100% pure Multiflower Organic Honey is made from nectar of variegated flowers collected from the virgin tropical forests of Sundarbans, which is home to rare species of flora and fauna. This honey is collected without disturbing the bees and their hives, collected by taking care not to hurt the fragile honey bee. The honey collected here is unprocessed, unheated and unclarified. The honey is amber-colored and has a thick texture which offers honey a long shelf life.

The raw organic multi floral honey has medicinal properties and is well-known for its ability to relieve cough, cold, sore throat, and digestive issues. Loaded with antioxidants and healing properties, nutrients in honey are perfect to boost the body’s immunity and improve overall health.

Honey is used in a variety of ways today, including for food and beauty. It is a perfect sweetener for tea, coffee and baking. Also, organic Honey acts as a natural humectant. When applied to the skin, it effectively soothes and moistens dry skin, maintains skin elasticity and even out skin tone. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of organic honey heals skin inflammation or redness caused due to acne breakouts.

100% pure and certified organic honey is  one of the purest forms of honey which has an intense flavour and subtle aroma. Being rich in minerals and vitamins, it is a healthier substitute for processed sugar, and health-conscious people are increasingly turning to its golden nectar.

12 reviews for Multi Flower Honey 500g

  1. Subhani Das (verified owner)

    Tastes wow

  2. simran (store manager)

  3. Rani Verma (store manager)

    The huge jar will be reused once empty and this much is required for my family for the winter season.
    100% organic Multi Flower Honey Perfect packaging.

  4. Mohit (store manager)

    Value for Money.
    Made for indian taste buds.
    Really natural.

  5. Monika Kumari (store manager)

    Ordering it for the second time. The honey looks natural (no sugar like crystal build up over the time) and the tastes natural.

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