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Organic Arhar Dal (Tur) – 1 Kg

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Herm’s Tur Dal is one of the staple foods in Indian cuisines. It is basically rich in fibre, carbohydrates, protein, calcium, and fat.


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Arhar Tur Dal


Availability: 84 in stock

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Herm’s Arhar Dal (Tur) is one of the staple foods in Indian cuisines. It is basically rich in fiber, carbohydrates, protein, calcium, and fat. The flavour and the taste of our Arhar dal are unique and are some of the most appetizing dals. Moreover, it is free from synthetic chemicals and pesticides.

  • 100% PURE AND ORGANIC: Grown using organic farming methods, unpolished best quality arhar dal is made with a hand-milling procedure that keeps the  original texture and flavour of dal
  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS WHATSOEVER: Harvested using natural methods, it is free from pesticides, fertilizers, synthetics, colourants or any other additives
  • RICH IN NUTRIENTS: Toor dal organic is a rich source of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, folic acid, iron, vitamin C, E, K, B, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and sodium which makes it a highly nutritious food
  • REDUCES CHOLESTEROL:  The high fiber and protein content in arhar dal  helps in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood by removing toxins from the body, regulates bowel movements and provides energy that will help improve the overall health
  • BUILD MUSCLES AND BOOST METABOLISM: Highly nutritious arhar dal provides wholesome proteins to the body that is required for muscle build-up. It keeps you full for longer and is considered one of the best fixes for digestion and weight loss

Who says eating healthy is boring? This delicious Herms Organic Arhar Dal is a healthy whole grain legume cultivated organically, is environmentally sustainable and harvested using only natural methods.

Arhar Dal, also known as tur dal or pigeon pea is chemical-free and GMO-free. It carries plenty of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium and several other essential nutrients that are beneficial for your health. It has been found to be extremely healthy for the heart due to its high fiber, folate, iron and zinc content that helps lower cholesterol levels. Adding a bowl filled with good quality toor dal to your diet helps in reducing your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Arhar dal fresh also contains potassium that maintains the electrolyte balance inside the body cells thereby reducing fatigue due to dehydration caused by excessive sweating during exercise or exhaustive activity.

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9 reviews for Organic Arhar Dal (Tur) – 1 Kg

  1. MaloyKumar Chakraborty (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  2. Kenny Thomas (verified owner)

  3. norri (store manager)

    full of nutrients because I cook ol my dals in Handi noooooo pressure cooker

  4. customer (store manager)

    after so many search for pure products …. found this finally …. my hunt for organic food is over

  5. pooja (store manager)

    now after using herms dals I get to know the difference between the Adulterated dals and the organic dals ……hersm dals are 100 % organic … once u try then only get to know the difference between both
    oh god

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