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Organic Moong Dal Whole – 1 Kg

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Moong Dal Whole


Availability: 79 in stock

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Herm’s Moong Dal Whole contains a lot of proteins and fibers. It is one of the easiest dal to digest and for this reason, it is often given to people recovering from an illness, especially in case of stomach upset.

100% ORGANIC SABUT MOONG DAL: Organically grown Moong Dal, olive-green in colour is certified organic by India Organic, USDA Organic, Onecert and Jaivik Bharat

No ADDED CHEMICALS: Unpolished moong daal with no chemicals whatsoever, not even pesticides, fertilizers, artificial colourants or synthetic additives are used

AIDS IN WEIGHT LOSS: Green Moong Dal has a high nutrient density and is high in dietary fibre, making it ideal for weight loss. It makes you feel fuller for longer, which can help you lose weight

GREAT FOR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Sabut Moong Dal is a rich source of proteins, which are essential for muscles and bone health. It also contains vital nutrients that may help to boost healthy liver thus improving digestion

BUILD MUSCLE STRENGTH: Moong Dal contains proteins that are necessary for muscle build-up and strength. Adding it to your diet helps in improving muscle growth and muscle functioning

Herms Green Moong Dal Whole is 100% pure and organic food and is free from any chemicals whatsoever. It is a whole food that is minimally processed, and it may therefore provide many health benefits. Mung dal contains several antioxidants that neutralise free
radicals in the body and defend against chronic ailments like sickness or fatigue. Including organic moong whole in your diet may help to improve your immunity due to the presence of enough vitamin C, the immunity booster nutrients in it.

Organic moong dal green also has phytonutrients that fight free radicals. It is a natural anti-oxidant as well as a great source of vitamin B1 that helps in lowering cholesterol levels regulates insulin levels and is good for the heart. Organic Moong Dal is a versatile food that can be used in a variety of recipes – from a simple dish of cooked lentils to a hearty stew or a spread to flavour a meal. It is a tasty and nutritious way to add a delicious new flavour to your daily diet.

It provides a delicious, protein-packed treat for babies and adults alike. This lentil supports a healthy digestive system, helping the body break down and absorb nutrients, and it also removes toxins from the body.

Moong dal is high in protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and also efficient in dealing with skin and hair related ailments such as heals sunburn, acne, hair fall, dandruff and other issues. You can make your own DIY hair pack or face pack attain maximum benefits for your skin and hair.

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    gr8 for protein good quality

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