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Organic Urad Whole -1 Kg

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  • High-quality whole urad dal
  • No added chemicals or preservatives
  • A great source of energy
  • Traditional dishes with unique taste
  • Quality assured pack

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Urad Dal Whole


Availability: 89 in stock

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Herms Nature Urad Dal Whole is small and oval shaped beans, sourced from the farmers practising organic agriculture. A hidden gem of Indian cuisine, urad dal triumphs in our pursuit for health and taste. Bestowed with a creamy texture and nutty flavour, it is also rich in iron and magnesium. Its regular consumption offers relief from acidity, pain & swelling in the joints, urinary tract diseases and viral infections

Urad dal or black gram is a rich source of nutrition. Rich dietary fibres can help in improving digestion. Black gram is very helpful in reducing abdominal fats and promotes heart health. It also maintains healthy blood pressure levels and reduces the risk of cancer due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Urad dal is also considered as an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, potassium and zinc which help in boosting your metabolism. Urad Dal Whole is good for everyone, who wants to stay healthy and fit forever..

Apart from health benefits, urad dal has been used in Ayurveda and in folk medicine to treat a variety of skin conditions — from treating eczema and sunburn to lightening dark spots and rejuvenating the skin. Regular intake of urad dal makes your skin glowing, beautiful and reduces wrinkles due to its high content of Vitamin A, B and E. Vitamin E restores elasticity to the skin cells and thereby helps prevent sagging of the skin.

  • High quality whole urad dal: Urad Dal whole is 100% pure, natural, and organic. This legume is sourced from the organically grown fields and unpolished to retain its wholesomeness
  • No added chemicals or preservatives: It is processed in food-grade hygienic conditions without the use of any chemicals, fertlisers, pesticides insecticides, artificial colourants or flavour
  • A great source of energy: Urad is a good source of protein, minerals, vitamins, carbs and fats which supply us with energy. Incorporating urad dal regularly in diet can help maintain bone health and helps to control diabetes
  • Traditional dishes with unique taste: Black Urad dal is among the most nutritious varieties of Dal and is used for making lentil curries, dal makhni, Dosa, Vadas, Papad. Enjoy it as a healthy side dish along with some rice and roti
  • Quality assured pack: The urad dal whole is certified organic by India Organic, USDA Organic, Onecert and Jaivik Bharat
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5 reviews for Organic Urad Whole -1 Kg

  1. mona (store manager)

  2. gunjan (store manager)

  3. awasthi (store manager)

    best hai

  4. kalyani (store manager)

    whenever I cook this dal everybody ask me the brand … it always come like a restaurant one

  5. saraswati (store manager)

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