Pink Rock Salt / Sendha Namak Powder - 500 gm

Pink Rock Salt / Sendha Namak Powder – 500 gm

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Herms gives you superior Rock salt or sendha namak, as it is popularly known,
is a favourite of those fasting during the auspicious days of Navratri.

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Availability: 27 in stock

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Product Description

Herms Sendha Namak is 100% pure and natural salt  found in himalayan region. It’s a highly valuable salt in ayurveda and is widely used in food prepared in fast or vrat. 

Sendha namak, also known as pink salt, is an Indian rock salt which has long been used for its many health benefits. Usage of pink salt has been in practice for centuries, and it is now gaining popularity worldwide. Take a look at some of the fascinating properties of pink salt.


Pink salt is used in fasts to stabilize blood pressure, improve the skin, and promote healthy gut bacteria. Its specialty ingredients can help you achieve whatever you’re pursuing through organic means.


It tastes better, it’s healthier for you and nature, and it’s better for your cooking. Just replace regular salt with Pink Salt as often as possible – Usually a teaspoon per day! Pink Salt is one smart way to go back in time to benefit from more health benefits than ever before!


Sendha namak is the most natural salt in the world; using pink salt dramatically improves weight loss, aids in digestion and absorption of nutrients, can help with sore throats, and much more. This salt appears to be particularly good for vegetarians and vegans, the elderly, pregnant women, and babies and children. 


  • 100% pure and natural sendha namak: Comes with no added chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, artificial flavours or colourants


  • Essential for optimum health: Pink Salt is a mineral rock salt with a high level of purity. It contains over 80 essential trace minerals, magnesium, and iodine it’s used in Ayurveda as an essential dietary supplement


  • Pink Salt aids in digestion and eradicates poor eating habits by improving metabolism, treating a sore throat, weight loss, and treating seasonal allergies


  • Pink Salt is 100% Natural Crystal that comes from the Himalayas. Its rich mineral content promotes healthy skin and maintains a balance of electrolytes in the body


  • Treats sore throat: Sendha namak acts as a decongestant and aids in unblocking the nostrils and allows mucus to secrete. Gargling with sendha namak water fights cough and sore throat
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4 reviews for Pink Rock Salt / Sendha Namak Powder – 500 gm

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