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  • 100% Organic, Refreshing, Premium Cardamom Tea 300g by ‘Herms Nature’
  • Naturally Originated – Fresh, Organic long tea leaves from the organic tea gardens of Assam, handpicked by the expert local tea farmers. Further, raw, natural cardamoms are grind along, which adds health and taste to it
  • Fresh Aroma n Flavour – Enjoy the amazing flavour of cardamoms in every cup of tea. A delicious natural flavour and smell of elaichi in a tea will uplift your mood and helps you get refreshed n energized. No preservatives or synthetics added to it
  • Full of Health Benefits- To some people, Kadak morning masala chai is not just a routine. To them, it is an energy tonic that helps make them run all day long. Apart, it is super beneficial for cold, cough and viral infections
  • Ideal for the variety of teas- milk tea, ginger tea, black tea, herbal Kada and others

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Product Description

Welcome your guests with one of the finest tea, premium cardamom tea of ‘Herms  Nature’. The natural aroma and flavour of cardamoms and organic tea leaves are maintained. Further, no colours, fragrances or even preservatives used.

A fusion of fresh tea leaves and healthy cardamom makes this organic tea, super beneficial and tasty. Add sugar, milk and water to this cardamom tea organic and instant tea will be ready in few minutes. The ginger cardamom masala chai is not just a chai, it is an emotion to some people precisely for those who are so fond of tea.

This premium organic cardamom tea is made for such kind of people. Elaichi chai patti is an energic brew that charges your sluggish mind with its strong refreshing aroma. Cardamom has high antioxidant properties that help maintains blood pressure and is equally good for the skin. It helps improve skin tone and complexion.

Meanwhile, it helps in digestion and improves metabolism. For more benefits, prepare black tea by boiling cardamom tea leaves in water instead of milk is great for health.

It is said that Where there is elaichi tea in pantry of a kitchen is free of fatigue or tension. A cup of tea will help you feel relax and calms all fatigue or tiredness.

Cardamom tea for headache is better than any pain killer which will relax you instantly. Use cardamom tea powder for Kada with ingredients like ginger, cloves and others will boost your immune and keeps you away from cold, cough and alike other viral infections.

Make this Cardamom tea your routine and simply enjoy life by getting lost in the flavour of fresh cardamoms in a refreshing tea.

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6 reviews for Premium Cardamom Tea 250 gm

  1. uday (store manager)

  2. shagun (store manager)

    I hv tried maximum products of HERMS , not only tea but all the products are good …. I can feel the freshness in the products . THANK YOU HERMS

  3. Teena (store manager)

    best cardamom tea I hv tried at this price ……..

  4. pooja (store manager)

    loved it ….

  5. mehul (store manager)

    I used to drink 2 cups of tea daily but now with HERMS I drink 3 🙂

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