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Red Chilli / Lal Mirch powder – 200 gm

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Herm’s Red Chilli Powder adds a spicy taste to a dish.

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Availability: 95 in stock

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Herms Red Chilli  / Lal Mirch Powder is 100% pure and organic, made with dried red chilli that has been crushed into a powder. Also known as lal mirch, It is used widely in Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Korean cuisines to add spice and flavour to dishes. Red chilli pepper can also be added to sauces and dips, curries, pizzas and soups. Red chilli powder is one of the key ingredients in all dishes that require a spicy kick. It adds great taste and colour to your food.  It is rich in vitamin C and other healthy compounds that can have a range of health benefits. Here are some benefits that you can enjoy when you consume red chilli powder.


It contains a good source of vitamin A that helps in maintaining good eyesight. It also helps reduce the risk of lung and oral cavity cancers.  The hot and spicy powder contains a large proportion of vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant, fights free radicals in the body and helps in boosting immunity. It also promotes collagen synthesis which is an essential element for healthy skin and connective tissues. Chilli powder has a high content of capsaicin, one of the active ingredients that make chilli hot.


Chilli powder has anticoagulant properties due to the presence of salicylates. Salicylates help prevent platelets from clumping together, preventing blood clot formation. It can lower bad cholesterol levels and raise good cholesterol levels in the body, as well as prevent blood clots from forming in blood vessels, making it a beneficial way to prevent heart disease.

The antimicrobial properties of hot chilli powder can help prevent infections from invading the respiratory tract, which may reduce symptoms of sinusitis, colds and flu. If your nose is blocked, take some red chilli powder with water or honey. You’ll soon get relief from the congestion. The hotness of the red chilli powder removes excess mucus from the nasal cavity, thereby clearing the passage. Red chilli powder enhances brain function and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also boosts metabolism and improves digestion as it contains fibre and vitamin C. 

Lal Mirch Powder Benefits

  • 100% pure and organic: Red chilli powder is obtained by crushing the dried chillies. This spice gives a hot and pungent taste to food when added to it
  • No added chemicals: The red chillies are organically grown without any usage of pesticides, or fertilisers. It contains no chemicals,  artificial colourants or synthetic additives are used
  • Helps clear nasal congestions: Chilli powder can help clear nasal congestions by increasing mucus production in the nose while also opening up clogged airways by reducing inflammation. Add it to your curries or soups to help you breathe better when you have a stuffy nose
  • Promotes a healthy heart function: The capsaicin in red chillies is an amazing antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties too. This helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood, lowering the risk of strokes or heart attacks
  • Quality assured pack: Hygienically packed red chilli powder is also certified organic by India Organic, USDA Organic, Onecert and Jaivik Bharat
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