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Red Chilli / Lal Mirch (Whole) – 150 gm

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Herm’s Red Chilli Whole adds a spicy taste to a dish.
It is an unusual mix of medium hot quality red pepper.

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Lal Mirach Whole


Availability: 102 in stock

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Product Description

Herms Red Chilli whole is 100% pure and organic dried, ripe green chillies that are the most commonly used spices in Indian cuisine. In fact, there are several dishes which don’t exist without red chilies. They’re a rich source of vitamin C, and antioxidants, which help boost the metabolism and reduce the bad fat in your body. Red chilli also contains capsaicin, which promotes good digestion by stimulating digestive enzymes and helps maintain blood pressure by dilating blood vessels. This same component also results in a burning sensation that can actually help kill harmful bacteria as well as burn calories to promote weight loss.

While they’re often used in making sambar, rasam and daal, they’re commonly eaten raw with some flaked salt. They have a wonderful fruity flavour that complements any dish they’re added to, especially dal. Also, these dried red chillies whole are used for preparing panch phoron, which is a mixture of five spices – cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, fennel seeds and nigella seeds -used as a seasoning for many dishes in India.

  • Rich in vitamin C: Vitamin C is essential for healthy skin, immune function, and wound healing, not to mention the development of strong bones and teeth


  • Improves heart health: Red chilli whole contains capsaicin that reduces cholesterol, prevents  formation of blood clots, lower blood pressure and hence helps prevent strokes and heart attacks 


  • Improves brain function:  Rich in iron, it helps to boost haemoglobin production and blood flow allowing the brain to perform better in terms of learning, thinking and decision-making


  • The anti-inflammatory properties of Red chilli powder helps in reducing pain, inflammation and allows muscles and joints to relax


  • Maintains weight: Red chilli helps in a burning sensation that can actually help kill harmful bacteria as well as burn calories to promote weight loss
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