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Sesame Seeds (Safed Till) 250 gm

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  • 100% pure and organic
  • High in fibre
  • Heart health
  • Cancer prevention
  • Reduces Cholesterol Levels
  • Premium quality assured
  • Certified by India Organic, USDA Organic, Onecert and Jaivik Bharat

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Product Description

Herms Sesame Seeds (til ke beej) are 100% pure edible seeds that come from the sesame plant. With no added chemicals, artificial colourants, additives or preservatives, it is completely safe to include in your snack. Highly used in baked goods to enhance taste and texture, these seeds can also be eaten raw or roasted.

Herms seeds are also known as til, are high in omega 3 fatty acids and are also known for their healthy properties. These seeds contain antioxidants that boost the immune system and can help improve the cardiovascular statuses of individuals suffering from atherosclerosis, heart disease and diabetes. It is believed that sesame can help reduce inflammation in the body by reducing pain and improving joint health. This makes it an excellent supplement for those who want to prevent joint pain such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. 

Sesame seeds contain high levels of magnesium, which is important for muscle function, nerve conduction, energy production and also helps to regulate blood sugar levels by controlling insulin secretion. Being a good source of protein and fibre, these seeds can help keep you healthy. The nutrients in sesame seeds are important for bone health, and a lack of them can contribute to weak bones. it contains antioxidants that fight free radicals, which are a major cause of damage to molecules in the body.

In addition to adding crunch to foods, it can be used as a nutritious snack on their own or sprinkled on salads or other foods. But the most common way sesame seeds show up on menus is as a topping for burgers and other ground beef dishes.

Sesame Seeds Benefits

  • 100% pure and organic: Sourced from organically grown sesame plants, the seed taste great when sprinkled on top of your favourite cookies and cakes.


  • High in fibre: Sesame seeds have a higher content of fibre than other seeds. This is essential for good digestion, and all the vital organs in the body are nourished by the good quality of fibre.


  • Heart health: It is also known to help reduce cholesterol levels, which in turn helps improve heart health. They also contain the antioxidants selenium and vitamin E, which work to prevent plaque build up in the arteries and protect against coronary artery disease.


  • Cancer prevention: The magnesium found in Sesame seeds has been linked to reduced risks of certain cancers such as stomach cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer. These seeds also contain phytochemicals such as quercetin that work to fight against cancer cells.


  • Reduces Cholesterol Levels: Sesame seeds contain high amounts of phytosterols, which help in reducing bad cholesterol levels. This reduces the risk of heart diseases, stroke and other cardiovascular problems.


  • Premium quality assured: The organic sesame seeds undergoes various testings from reputed multiple agencies and  is certified by India Organic, USDA Organic, Onecert and Jaivik Bharat.

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  2. this is so good that I use this for garnishing also

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