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Extra Virgin Premium Coconut oil 750 ML

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  • Natural, Virgin, and Unrefined Coconut Oil 1 litre typically made from fresh coconuts extracted through a natural cold-pressed method without any preservatives, chemicals and artificialities, it is one hundred per cent pure
  • FSSAI approved, Extra virgin coconut oil for cooking and baking help maintains immunity and increases the body’s metabolism
  • Coconut oil cold pressed is a healthy substitute to ghee and butter contains all the vital nutrients that result in a good health and smooth hair and skin
  • Coconut oil for face, skin, lips and hair works as a natural moisturizer that nourishes scalp and skin thus makes them smooth, shiny and lustrous
  • It is also used as a baby massage oil, softens baby skin and soothes nappy rashes too

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Product Description

Herms Nature Coconut Oil Virgin extracted from the fresh coconuts through a natural steam distillation process and no chemicals, preservatives involved. This organic coconut oil and has a natural, delicious aroma of fresh coconuts. It is a cooking coconut oil rich in fatty acids, which encourage the body to burn fat meanwhile provides quick energy to the body and brain.

Extra Virgin Premium Coconut oil for cooking is the miraculous food item of the pantry which contains incredible nutritious properties which makes it essential for our daily life. Apart from cooking, nutritionists recommend it to take a tablespoon of raw coconut oil every day. It is a quick energy source, enriched with vitamins and healthy fat.

Coconut oil for skin is a traditional natural moisturizer that makes skin super soft meanwhile tones it up. It is so lightweight that it absorbs quickly into the skin and provides instant hydration and protection. Coconut oil for hair massage is a great source of nourishment to the scalp and follicles. The oil eliminates dandruff, strengthen the roots and makes them less prone to breakage.

It boosts hair length and adds lustre and shine to the stresses. It penetrates the scalp better than mineral oils, increases hair shine and protects them from damage.  Coconut oil for baby massage is commonly used as it strengthens the bones, muscles meanwhile brighten, smoothness the baby skin. It naturally treats nappy rashes too. Also, it is a natural lip balm that nourishes dry, chapped lips.

11 reviews for Extra Virgin Premium Coconut oil 750 ML

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    smells orignal

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    all the oil are pure as i ma using all of them in my cooking as well as my hair care also

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