Wood Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil 5 Ltr (Tin Pack)

Wood Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil 5 Ltr (Tin Pack)


  • 100% Wood Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil brings to you the purest forms of oil.
  • Herms Nature produced Unprocessed,  FSSAI approved.
  • 100% Natural Mustard Oil great for your health, skin and hair.
Wood Pressed Yellow Mustard OIl


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Product Description

The fresh and most important cuisine of Indian food for every kitchen is pure mustard oil for cooking. This organic mustard oil Wood Pressed of ‘Herms By Nature’ is pure, virgin and unprocessed oil that promotes overall health, both internal and external.

The brand deals only with natural and organic products. The mustard oil is extracted by the natural ‘Wood Pressed’ method.

It is further free of all sorts of chemicals, preservatives and additional synthetics. Cooking mustard oil 1 liter enrich with a high nutritional value including Vitamin E, omega 3 and omega 6 acids, minerals and antioxidants. Wood-pressed mustard oil for cooking is great for heart health, and cholesterol balance and has many other health benefits.

Thus, highly recommended by doctors for everyday cooking. Besides, it adds an amazing flavour to your dal and curries and makes them smell awesome which brings water to the mouth. Similarly, it makes your sauteed or fried veggies super healthy and delicious. It is also a natural preservative to keep pickles fresh. Organic Wood Pressed Yellow Mustard oil for hair massage helps in hair wellness, when massaged, it boosts hair length and shines.
This kind of organic mustard oil for skin is used for both baby and adult body massage.

Organic Mustard oil for baby massage is the ancient granny’s therapy that keeps baby skin utterly soft and healthy meanwhile it helps in strengthening bones and muscles.

It softens dry, chapped lips too. The oil is commonly used for DIY beauty recipes or to prepare your own cosmetics like a body moisturizer, lip balms, hair oil, etc.

Wood Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil Benefits

  • Herms By Nature produced Unprocessed, Cold-pressed, FSSAI approved, 100% Natural Mustard Oil great for your health, skin and hair
  • Extracted by cold-pressed method i.e. by grinding the organic mustard seeds and no pesticides, chemicals used in the process. Further, no colours, preservatives or flavours added, it is a pure mustard oil with a natural taste and aroma
  • Organic mustard oil for cooking is highly recommended by nutritionists due to its balanced nutritional value. It is rich in Vitamin E, omega 3 acids, minerals and antioxidants
  • This virgin mustard oil is equally beneficial for external use i.e. for skin, hair nourishment and body massages
  • Mustard oil is the ‘King of oils’ works tremendously well for all beauty, cooking and health purposes.


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